AMD Radeon™ Entertainment Series

Entertainment Series is optimized for the latest generation AMD and Intel processors. The Entertainment Series is built using high-quality memory chips designed for low power consumption. The low-profile heat spreader provides additional protection with the added assurance of high compatibility testing, backed by a lifetime warranty. Running frequencies up to 1600MHz and programmed with JEDEC timings, AMD Radeon™ Memory Entertainment Series is the best value for a great home theater PC or everyday applications where reliability, compatibility and performance are paramount.

entertainment memory

  • Enjoy plug-and-play system memory that gets your systems up and running fast
  • Upgrade your parts and experience performance consistency with every batch
  • Experience the benefits of memory designed for low power consumption
RE1333 RE1600
Kit Type Single/Dual Single/Dual
Platform AMD/Intel AMD/Intel
Frequency 1333MHz 1600MHz
Density Up to 16GB Up to 16GB
RAMDisk 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO
Spec sheet RE1333 Spec sheet RE1600
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