AMD Radeon™ Gamer RG Series

Gamer Series is optimized for the latest generation AMD and Intel processors. It’s built using high-quality memory chips designed to offer the ultimate gaming experience. A uniquely designed, low-profile, high-purity aluminum heat spreader provides added protection with thermal conductivity up to 165W. Running frequencies up to 2133MHz and programmed with JEDEC timings, the GAMER SERIES is the perfect solution for the most demanding PC games.

Radeon Gamer RG Series

  • Increased bandwidth with higher frequencies supporting AMP and XMP profiles.
  • Offers enhanced heat dissipation and increase in heat spreading by up to 35%.
  • Experience the benefits of memory designed to offer superior performance for the enthusiast gamer.
RG2133 RG2133
Kit Type Dual Quad
Platform AMD/Intel AMD/Intel
Frequency 2133MHz 2133MHz
AMP Certified 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO
XMP Ready 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO
Density Up to 16GB Up to 32GB
RAMDisk 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO 0327_48px_RepublicSilver_32bit_ICO
 Spec sheet RG2133 Spec sheet RG2133-1
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