Make Loading Time a Memory.

Put your system into overdrive with RAMDisk software. Radeon™ RAMDisk utilises the processing power of your system memory to boost the loading times of applications and the overall read/write performance of your PC. It’s the RAMDisk built for the way you work or play. Radeon™ is faster. Radeon is immersive. Radeon is gaming.

Radeon™ RAMDisk isn’t a replacement for your current drives, it’s a well-needed necessity to help increase their longevity. To utilise more of your memory’s processing power with Radeon™ RAMDisk, increase your memory capacity for an additional boost in overall system performance.

The ultimate launch pad — Use RAMDisk to get out in front, whether it’s for work or play.


The ultimate workspace — Modify and create faster than before.


Boost your overall system performance and browsing experience.


Dramatically accelerates the loading and process times of games, software suites and web browsers. It provides faster reading and writing speeds vs your hard disk drive or an SSD. Experience read performance up to 25600MB/s with DDR3-1600MHz memory and even higher with faster RAM.


At boot, AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk can be programmed to automatically and silently load files into the RAMDisk. At shutdown or hibernation, data from the RAM drive is saved back to a traditional hard drive for long-term storage. To reduce the volatile nature of memory, the data stored can be set to autosave by the user.


AMD Radeon™ RAMDisk is designed to permanently delete any information stored in the RAMDisk that is not backed up or auto saved making the information completely unrecoverable. Additionally, because it has no moving parts it is resistant to wear and tear, unlike traditional HDDs and SSDs. It allows users unlimited read and write capacity without the fear of disk failure.

Whether you have a hard drive or an SSD, your computer’s RAM is it’s fastest storage medium by a wide margin. If you have at least 4GB of memory, you can use this speed to your advantage, turning some of it into a small RAMDisk. This disk will appear to Windows as a fully functional storage drive that’s ready to hold your most frequently used applications and launch them with lightning speed!

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